Medicare is an excellent insurance policy for seniors and a great benefit to have, but it doesn’t take care of every medical necessity. Medicare covers portions of most medical expenses, such as doctor appointments, labs, and x-rays, but one thing to keep in mind is that Medicare does not cover long term care needs.

This is a fact that surprises many of our clients. They believe that Medicare will at least pay a portion of all of their care needs once they turn 65 years of age. They are shocked to learn that Medicare will not pay for assisted living facility or long-term, skilled nursing facility care.  We want you to face this reality as early as possible so you may find a way to pay for care like this, and do not make the mistake of relying on Medicare.

How do you prepare for Florida long-term care? This is an important question to ask, especially since most of it will not be covered by your Medicare insurance. When needed, nursing homes are an expense that must be paid for. While there are some people that can pay for significant long-term care costs like these directly out of pocket, many cannot. For most people, they need to find other methods to pay for long-term care such as a long-term care insurance policy, VA pension benefits or Florida Medicaid. Many times, because we do are unaware of what Medicare will and will not pay for, these solutions on how to pay for care must be found in a crisis.

It is important to remember that everyone has a different financial situation and different health care needs.  Do not compare yourself to anyone else. It is wise to meet with your elder care law attorney as soon as possible to know what the best options are for your circumstances.

Too many people spend their whole life thinking that Medicare will cover their long-term care expenses. It is likely that before reading this you did not know that Medicare will not cover long-term care. Now that you know, it is critical that you begin planning for this expense today.  Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your potential need for this type of assistance in the future. We work with seniors and families, just like yours, everyday and are eager to help.