If you’re like most people, you worry about going broke before you die.  You probably realize that one of the most common reasons people die broke is that they needed expensive care at home, at an Assisted Living Community, or at a Nursing Home.  

Even though many people 65 years of age and older accept that they have a high risk of needing care, many think that they won’t have to pay for the care.  Most expect that their loved ones will take care of them.  But maybe they can’t.  Some expect that Medicare, supplemental insurance, or a Medicare substitute will pay for it.  But that expectation could cost them $100,000.00 per year, if not more.

So, what are you doing to avoid the risk of losing everything to long term care?  If you’re like most, you think that nothing can be done or that needing expensive long-term care will never happen to you.  But there is something that can be done, if you’re proactive.  

Elder Care Legal Planning uses proactive methods that might help your money outlive you.  And it doesn’t require that you give your money to someone else for safekeeping.  The goal of Elder Care Legal Planning is to help you get quality long-term care and qualify for programs that will pay for some or all of it.  And that means that you probably won’t go broke.  

While it’s best to do Elder Care Legal Planning 5 or more years before you need care, it’s not required.  There are things that can be done to protect a portion of your life’s savings from the devastating cost of long-term care, even at the last minute.  

So, be proactive.  Contact an Elder Care Legal Planning law firm, like ours, to get the help you need.  You might avoid going broke.