Estate planning creates a legacy for your spouse, children, and loved ones. This planning enables you to pass your real property, assets and finances to your heirs. In your plan, you choose who will manage your estate once you pass away. 


Your estate plan, however, does more than plan for death. When you work with an elder care attorney, you can also plan for incapacity and long-term care. This comprehensive planning allows you to eliminate uncertainties regarding not only your estate but your future as well. 


For Florida seniors and their families, this means estate planning is an elder care law goal.


This year, make your estate planning a priority. Set it as a New Year’s resolution! If you already have a plan in place, make it your resolution to review it to determine if it still meets your needs. By taking this proactive step, you are protecting yourself and your surviving family from long-term care issues, probate court, arguments and other serious issues.


If you do not have a plan in place, make it your resolution to decide to meet with an elder care attorney to begin the process of planning for what you need now and in the future. Your attorney can show you how estate planning is an elder care law goal and will benefit your unique situation. It is never too late to start, but it is better to begin this process earlier rather than later. Having everything in order prior to issues that can arise from the aging process or your death can minimize complications and stressors for your family members.


During this process, decide how much you want your family to be involved. When you include your adult children in the process it can help allay fears and help everyone learn what your wishes for the future are. If you decide to include your adult children, make it a goal to meet with them regularly and keep them up-to-date with your decisions, as well as any changes.


Creating a Florida estate plan that fully reflects your wishes and focuses on your elder care needs is critical today.


Only having a part of the plan can cause more harm than good when you need action taken by your decision maker on your behalf. Further, having an out-of-date or inaccurate plan can also lead to stressful events and family friction at a time when you are vulnerable.


The most important resolution you can make is to ensure you have the right plan in place when you need it. We are here to help you. Do not wait to contact a member of our legal team to get started.