Have you considered the fact that choosing the right estate planning attorney can be important to ensuring that your estate is properly taken care of and your wishes are carried out after your death? When you are asking yourself the question of how to choose an estate planning attorney, keep three key elements in mind. First, choose an attorney who specializes in estate planning. Second, make sure your attorney is familiar with the estate administration process in your local area. Third, take the time to connect with your attorney so you can be sure you trust them to handle this important matter.

When you are ready to choose an estate planning attorney, it can be crucial to choose someone whose practice is heavily focused, if not entirely exclusive to, estate planning matters. Many attorneys who practice other types of law in addition to estate planning are good lawyers, but they do not have the specialized knowledge that can be critical to careful estate planning. Drafting your will, ensuring that all of the provisions line up exactly with what you want, creating a trust if that would be beneficial for your situation, and advising you on tax planning matters are all essential tasks for your estate planning attorney. It helps tremendously to have someone for whom these issues are his or her primary focus, and who keeps abreast of developments in this legal area.

If working with an experienced and specialized attorney is the most important thing in estate planning, finding an estate planning attorney who works in your local area may be the next priority. Every state has different laws governing how estates are administered and how the probate process works, if that is applicable to you. An estate planning attorney in your local area may be best equipped to guide you in creating estate planning documents that give your heirs the smoothest path forward after your death.

It may not be necessary to be friends with your attorney. Finding an estate planning attorney who you personally feel comfortable with and trust, however, can help to make what can be an emotional process much easier for you. In addition, if your heirs need to consult this lawyer after your death, knowing it is someone who can handle their issues gracefully may give you peace of mind.

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